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This site is for people who like to play games and aren't afraid to spend a little bit of creativity and/or money on their gaming environments.

Like to use a steering wheel for racing?
Have a 3 monitor setup for your simulation games?
A moveable carchair with hydraulics?
Maybe you've built a cockpit to fit your steer in?
Perhaps a huge projection screen or 3D goggles?

If you do, or anything similar, we would like
to know about it. Doesn't have to be superfancy!
Show us your pictures, videos, comments, experiences and advice on the forums.
Bragging is allowed!

Share your awesome gaming setup with the world!


We are doing another season of the F1 TWIP Time Trials. We will use FSONE09MP by WCP for rFactor. If you would like to join or see what's what, just have a look at the time trials board.

In this event users submit screenshots/replays of laptimes they have done offline and other users can then race against them and try to beat their times. We follow the schedule of the real Formula one 2012 season and we do our laps in the time in between races. The deadline is when the lights turn green in the real life F1 race. Points are kept all season long and you can join for as many or as few races as you like. Everyone is welcome to join!

Click on the images to the left for downloads and info.

    15-04-2011 TWIP2.0  
    07-04-2011 Trustmaster T500RS  


is a place for exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge. Aside from the ever growing collection of cockpits we have on display, we also have a section where all matters of simulation/gaming hardware, software, homemade or modded hardware and other related things are discussed. Everything is ordered into sections so all the information remains easily accessible.

This site does not review any hardware, all the reviewing is done by you, the user. So if you see a product on here that you own(ed), add your experience with it in the appropriate topic, or create one if it doesn't exist.